Gist wins BIFA Cool and Special Cargoes Award for innovative eco-friendly chilled packaging solution

Gist have been announced the winner of the Cool and Special Cargoes Award in this year’s British International Freight Association Freight Service Awards.


The awards recognise organisations who are the best in the industry for specialist cargo and refrigerated services.


Gist, with partner Polar Thermal, developed an innovative, durable and environmentally-friendly bespoke packaging design to maintain the temperature of chilled products moving internationally by road and air for up to 60 hours. The solution is used for customers, including Tesco, for their global chilled supply chain.


With the new packaging, Gist was able to reduce waste by more than 30% and improve overall speed by more than 20% whilst keeping the products at the correct temperature.


More information about the win and awards can be found here:




Further information about the BIFA awards, visit https://bifa.org/winners/winners-2020