Apprenticeships at Gist

At Gist, we believe passionately in creating an environment where our brightest talent can flourish and become our future business leaders. 

If you're looking to work in a fast-paced environment, be given the opportunity to lead teams of people, and receive a structured career progression path, an apprenticeship scheme with Gist might be for you.

Our new, programmes will include the following levels and courses on a block and day release delivery method, with verified training providers. These schemes will be based at our sites throughout the UK:

  • Level 3 Leadership and Management
  • Level 6 Supply Chain Management Degree
  • Level 3 Engineering (Maintenance and Operations/HGV Maintenance)
  • Level 3 Data Technician in our Network Planning team


If you feel you have the qualities we’re looking for and you’re excited to work in a leading supply chain company, then please do apply via the below schemes. 

If you have any questions regarding the schemes please email

Shane, a Team Manager, discusses his experience on a Gist apprenticeship.

Earn while you learn


Debt-free degree


Learn in a leading business


Career progression and development


Our Schemes

Supply Chain Management Degree Apprenticeship


Structured 4 year programme where you will gain valuable experience in all areas of supply chain management whilst completing your Bachelors in Supply Chain Leadership at Aston University.

Applications currently closed

Leadership and Management Apprenticeship

Human Resources Graduate Scheme


A 13 month LEAD programme resulting in a Level 3 certification in leadership and management.

Applications currently closed.

Engineering Apprenticeship

Operations Management - Industrial Placement


3 - 4 year programme working with local colleges across our UK sites to complete either HGV Maintenance or Site Maintenance level 3 qualification  

Click here to apply.

Applications close 30th September 2023

Network Planner Apprenticeship


18 month programme working in our busy network planning team whilst completing a Level 3 Data Technician qualification with Just IT.

Applications currently closed



Archie Marshall

Alice, Operations Management Graduate, Gist


Apprenticeships enable Gist to welcome new talent while providing apprentices with industry experience across a number of roles. Archie Marshall joined Gist in October 2021 as a Site and Sorter Maintenance Apprentice based at Gist Faversham.

“When I finished Year 11 I was unsure of what direction I wanted to go in with regards to my future career prospects and further education. The idea of an apprenticeship appealed to me because it seemed like a great opportunity to gain valuable industry experience and obtain the necessary qualifications to progress in a solid career, all whilst earning money and contributing to a pension.

I started searching for an engineering apprenticeship online and discovered Gist were looking for a Site and Sorter Maintenance Apprentice. After researching the company and the apprenticeship on offer, I decided to apply.

The reason Gist stood out to me was because of its innovative and forward thinking outlook on the logistics industry as a whole. The exciting opportunities to work with new technology and machinery appealed to me greatly. Being able to learn a trade while working is a brilliant system, and if I could go back I wouldn’t do anything differently.

Through doing my apprenticeship with Gist I have gained valuable skills that I will be able to transfer into almost any engineering environment. I am currently working towards my Level 3 Electrical Engineering qualification with hopes to progress onto a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and I’ve also just enrolled onto a 2365 Electrical Installation course.

The opportunities my apprenticeship with Gist has given me have been great and I look forward to the future as a qualified engineer with transferable skills and valued qualifications.”

George Austin

Alice, Operations Management Graduate, Gist


Apprenticeships are often used to help launch a career, but they are not just for people leaving education and looking to work while learning. Apprenticeships are also a great way to help further a career.

George Austin, Asset Compliance Manager, based at Gist’s Head Office in Basingstoke, explains why he enrolled in Gist’s internal development apprenticeship programme, LEAD.

Why did you chose to complete the LEAD apprenticeship with Gist?

I really wanted to take my next career step within Gist, which would be first line management, and to develop managerial skills. I started in the Fleet Compliance team and with my personality and skills I was naturally becoming a senior member of the team.

Due to management changes in my department, I saw an opportunity to develop a role for entry level first line managers. The role is a perfect example of why we need the LEAD programme, as the role requires managerial skills, something the apprenticeship programme aims to develop.

I discussed my proposal with Gist’s People Development Manager and the Head of Transport and explained how we could move this forward and embed this development role into Gist to open the door for those first line managers.

What new skills/knowledge did you gain through the apprenticeship?

I learned that there isn’t just one management style, people work differently and the approach to them or teams needs to be assessed. My understanding of different learning styles really then allowed me to adapt quickly to support my team.

How do you think the LEAD programme has helped your future career goals?

It’s allowed me to gain experience in different areas of work including projects and new system roll outs, but still supporting my team at the same time. The team are aware they don’t need micro managing with the management style I have for the department.

What would you say to anyone looking to join an apprenticeship?

Go, Go, Go! It’s something that’s new but allows you to learn on the job. I love working where I am and in this area of work, an apprenticeships allows you embrace new learnings while at the same time loving what you do. Be mindful that you should always log and keep a diary of everything you do as this always helps build a strong portfolio for when someone asks.

Shahbaz Shah

Alice, Operations Management Graduate, Gist


Shahbaz Shah is working towards a Maintenance and Operations Engineering Apprenticeship on a block release with Bristol College.

Shahbaz joined Gist Bristol as a Site Engineer Apprentice in February 2020 as part of his 36-month college course.

Why did you chose to complete an apprenticeship with Gist?

I chose to complete my apprenticeship with Gist because the working environment is amazing; it is a company which gives me time to do my college work and I get to learn new things every day. As a company that requires you to have multiple skills, you can therefore specialise in your chosen apprenticeship as well as learn other skills alongside it, which isn’t something you find everywhere.

What new skills or knowledge have you gained so far through the apprenticeship?

Through this apprenticeship I am learning how to communicate more effectively and how to work better in a team, particularly as I am working with people from all different backgrounds and beliefs. Furthermore, it has really helped with my problem-solving skills. As an engineer I have learnt to be the problem solver to almost any problem.

How do you think this apprenticeship supports your future career goals?

This apprenticeship is helping me gain the skills and knowledge needed to develop my career. I also have a better understanding what my career goals are and how to achieve them, which helps keep me focused.

Gist also offers LEAD, its in-house management training programme. Once I complete my apprenticeship, I could enrol on the programme, which will help develop my leadership skills and work towards a management position.

What would you say to anyone looking to take up an apprenticeship?

I think apprenticeships are definitely the way to go; they are an excellent way to gain experience and qualifications in the sector that you want to work in. As an apprentice you do real jobs in real work environments which helps you gain relevant knowledge and skills such as team working, effective communication and problem solving.

Apprenticeships are not only a great way to really understand an industry and find a career that you enjoy, you also get to meet different people and make new friends.

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