Shorter lead times, more deliveries, higher volumes

Today's temperature-controlled supply chains need to balance shorter lead times, more frequent deliveries, and higher product handling standards and volumes.

At Gist, we provide flexible, high-integrity cold chain solutions that enable our customers to meet an increasingly challenging retail demand, with maximum efficiency, maximum product shelf life and minimum waste. 

We ensure that stores remain stocked with fresh products in pristine condition. As a retailer or manufacturer, your supply chain is in safe hands with Gist and has the flexibility to change with your requirements. 

Our Primary network specialises in the end-to-end movement of chilled food, fresh produce, and horticulture for both retailers and manufacturers – as we facilitate more than 100,000 pallets of temperature-controlled product every week, from more than 200 customer pick-up locations.

milk distribution by Gist

Fleet systems ensuring visibility and safety

Today, Gist’s Primary Logistics service improves supply chains for more than 150 customers from our 18 locations in the UK. Our temperature-controlled fleet comprises more than 500 power-motive vehicles – equipped with industry-standard Enterprise and Microlise tracking systems, giving you, the customer, complete visibility of your supply chain while ensuring the highest levels of safety on the roads. 

Network Planning Centre

Collaborating for our customers

These operations are made possible through the successful synergy between our fleet and warehouses – underpinned by our central functions - which places our customers first. 

Our Network Planning Centre efficiently schedules customer orders through our Primary Capture Portal, planning palletised volume to over 1,000 daily network routes across the entire temperature-controlled network. Using bespoke software applications, our network planners monitor our transport network 24 hours a day, re-routing any delayed vehicles and ensuring that they are on track each and every day.

Our Temperature Controlled Logistics service is also supported by our Solution Design team, who provide innovative solutions to logistical challenges - consulting with our customers for wider modelling.

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