At Gist, we pride ourselves in delivering more than just food. Through our passionate teams, we deliver the M&S magic through innovative solutions, environmental initiatives and the safest standards.

Gist has worked with M&S as its principal customer for decades and has developed into a logistics centre of excellence for M&S Food across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Since being acquired by M&S in 2022, Gist has become fully responsible for M&S Food logistics - we hold ourselves to account for the full breadth of services and partnerships within the retailer. This isn't just logistics. This is M&S Food logistics.

Our flexible and commercial experience has seen us create solutions that are innovative, practical and operationally deliverable. We now work closer than ever with M&S Retail to deliver winning outcomes for M&S customers.

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Gist also provides a limited number of logistics services for third parties, as well as expertise in Global Freight Management. Our reach extends globally. We bring technology and freight professionals together, providing customers with the best possible end-to-end managed supply chains for the movement of chilled, perishable, ambient, and hazardous products by air, sea, and land.

Since we implemented the first centralised chilled distribution network in the UK 50 years ago, Gist supply chains have been evolving and changing to meet these needs every day. This means all of our customers can be confident that we understand the importance of consistent, high-quality service delivery. Our centralised national transport planning team provides integrated transport solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Our objective is to establish a performance-focused environment, that is fair and inclusive, where everyone can develop, and connect meaningfully to their manager, our purpose, and M&S. We are also fiercely protective of everyone’s health, safety, and wellbeing, and align firmly to M&S’ Plan A.

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Gist’s agility ensures our customers can be confident of consistent, high-quality service delivery. Operating in a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors, including grocery, food service and gas, Gist’s core service offerings are: