Our award-winning FREE-OF-CHARGE programme was established to reduce and prevent the needless accidents and deaths of young people on the roads. We work in partnership with Brake, the UK's largest road safety charity, which recommends the programme.

Presented by our own employees, Gist’s Child Road Safety Programme has been delivered to more than 150,000 children in schools within our local communities across the UK.

Your visit consists of an indoor presentation as well as an outdoor interactive experience, where children will get to see a truck close up and even sit in the driver's seat!

Child Road Safety

Child road safety by Gist

What's involved?

The school will receive a pre-visit from a presenter, which includes a safety and risk assessment, and a full explanation of the sessions with staff.

The Indoor Presentation (approx 1 hour)
The indoor presentation includes guidance on how children can stay safe on the roads and supports the school's PSHE and Citizenship national curriculum requirements.

The Outdoor Presentation (approx 1 hour)
Children are given an opportunity to explore inside the cab of the vehicle and get to see first-hand the view from the driver’s seat. Our experienced presenters also conduct a practical demonstration, putting the theory learned earlier into practice. They will discuss stopping distances and driver blind spots with the children in a safe and controlled environment.

All schools are supplied with Gist high-visibility vests for the children, a classroom activity pack and a selection of bonus Gist accessories.

How to book

Our programme is available to primary and junior schools, as well as clubs and events in the communities surrounding our sites listed below:

Barnsley, Bristol, Carlisle, Crewe, Cumbernauld, Enfield, Faversham, Hemel Hempstead, Portbury, Spalding, Thatcham.

If your school or event is within approximately a 20-mile radius of one of our participating sites, we’d love to hear from you.

Gist child road safety


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Child Road Safety programme is currently on hold, so bookings cannot currently be taken. 

Please keep an eye on this page for further updates.