International Women's Day 2022 - Judy Vincent

Gist is committed to gender equality and celebrating women’s’ achievements. We’re proud to have female colleagues in a wide variety of roles across the business. Judy Vincent joined Gist last month as an HR Advisor, having previously worked elsewhere in the sector. Here, Judy discusses her new role and why she loves working in the logistics industry.


“I joined Gist around five weeks ago now and my first impressions are very good. I love the fast-paced environment working in logistics and working in HR, no two days are the same. There are some aspects of my day I can plan but this can change during the day when something urgent could come up.”


Logistics is generally seen as a male dominated industry but here on site we have a number of women in different roles across transport, warehouse and supporting roles, like the HR and finance teams. I enjoy working within the logistics industry due to the variety of people I get to meet and building working relationships with drivers, warehouse operatives and management.


“Although I’m still learning aspects of my new role, I’ve already had discussions about career development and progression, which is really encouraging as this is something that is important to me. My line manager started off in an HR Advisor role and has progressed to an HR Officer role so it’s great to see that Gist is invested in career development.”


“I never set out thinking I would work within the logistics industry, I just came into it. However, I really enjoy the busyness and the wide range of opportunities that are available, hence why I have chosen to stay working in the industry. I hope more women choose to work in logistics, in whatever role they wish as if you put your mind to something, you can achieve whatever you want.”