Gist driver John Bushby has been named an HGV Hero at this year’s Microlise Driver of the Year Awards.


John’s heroism has been recognised after his quick-thinking actions saved the lives of two people when he helped avert a major collision on the M1 in March last year.


John, who has 44 years’ experience as a driver, was travelling back to Gist’s Hemel Hempstead depot in the nearside lane behind a European left-hand-drive lorry. This trailer started reacting very violently and, at the same time, a large object came hurtling towards John from underneath the vehicle. John made a split-second decision. He knew he couldn’t move to the left or to the right so braced himself for a collision while releasing and reapplying the brake to reduce impact. After the crash, John realised the object that hit him was a car and immediately called the emergency services.


Dash cam footage later revealed that the lorry in front of John started to pull out into the middle lane hitting a car which was in its blind spot, causing it to spin in front of the truck, along its nearside to then be crushed by the tractor unit.


John’s life-saving actions were also featured on the BBC’s Caught on Camera programme earlier this year.


Michael Chambers, Gist Chief Executive, said: “John’s actions that day demonstrated true professionalism, technical skill and commitment to safety – everything we expect from our drivers. His calm and controlled behaviour ultimately saved the lives of two people - a true HGV hero.”


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