Gist Bedworth leads the way on driver efficiency

Bedworth has become the first Gist depot to achieve an ‘A’ rating for a single week as measured by Microlise – a telematics system used to measure driving performance.  


“It’s a great achievement for the site to be leading the way for driving style performance,” Says David George, Site Manager. “We have a relatively small team and our driving scores are a testament to the engagement and commitment of everyone involved at our site.”


Microlise monitors driving styles, helping Gist Drivers to track and improve their own driving skills, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and levels of road safety for Gist’s customers. The system measures specific elements of driving – with the aim of reducing idling time, harsh braking, over-speeding and over-revving.


“We set a target at the beginning of the year, and made its accomplishment a priority throughout the site.” adds David. “The drivers have bought in to what we wanted to achieve and they delivered an ‘A’ rating in the second week of June.”


The team then delivered a further ‘A’ rating the following week. “It’s an absolutely fantastic achievement,” says David. “We have set our standard and are now aiming for consistency.”  Through achieving an ‘A’ rating, the highest available, Gist Bedworth have demonstrated a commitment to driving efficiency and minimising fuel costs.