Warehouse system roll out ensures traceability

The introduction of a new warehouse management system into Gist’s Temperature Controlled Logistics sites is heralded as a significant step change in providing traceability for customers.

The new warehouse management system, JDA, provides a streamlined process and better information along the whole journey. “Customers are increasingly wanting traceability at all points in the supply chain,” explained Business Process Manager Jon Mahoney.

“Audit trails are a requirement for the entire product journey. The JDA system allows production of all the relevant logs and so enables us to meet the highest logistics standards in warehousing.”

The JDA system has now been successfully implemented across all Gist’s Temperature Controlled Logistics sites with the final implementation completed in October at Gist Carlisle.
“M&S has been moving over to the MOS stock management system, which provides traceability through the supply chain, and this required updated warehouse systems,” explained Jon.

“Overall, the JDA system provides better management information; it allows us to gain an overall picture of activities throughout the entire day. That information enables better planning and leads to a more efficient operation.”

Jade Coggins, Operations Manager, helped oversee the introduction of JDA at Chesterfield: “Although the new technology is currently applied only to managing M&S
products here, we will be able to apply JDA to any new customers, so we are ready to land new contracts based on our superior stock management.”