International Women's Day - Anna Krzak

This International Women’s Day (IWD) we’re celebrating some of our female colleagues who are not only passionate about developing their own careers but helping others to do the same.


Anna Krzak supports the development of others, just as she was supported to follow her passion and develop her career in Health, Safety & Wellbeing (HSW).


“I joined Gist Enfield in 2019 as Warehouse Shift Manager, working across different shift patterns. I worked alongside and got to know a lot of colleagues and helped them develop in their own roles.”


“I had set my mind on going into Health and Safety role in the future. I moved to Chesterfield and joined as Warehouse Shift Manager but then opportunity came up to become a Site Safety Specialist. My role has now progressed to HSW Manager after successfully graduating last year.”


“I showed an interest in the health and safety, therefore when the position became available my line manager was very supportive and endorsed me for the role. I think without his endorsement I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’m doing now within Gist; he has really helped my career progression.”


“Getting my HSW qualifications has made me realise how many different aspects of HS&W there are in this field so I’m tapping into different areas to see what catches my interest. I have an opportunity to work on developing my knowledge and put that into practice, which I love.”


“I am also part of the wider HSW team who are all very supportive. I feel that my line managers and our wider HSW Core Team have listened to where I want to go in my role and are supporting me to work that into my development plans.”


“I like empowering people to get to where they need to be within their career plans. Giving people the tools and helping to point them in the right direction. Gist is very open to career progression from within and I would encourage colleagues to be open and honest about their skills, goals, and aspirations. We need people to come forward and I believe the business will help to accommodate their growth within Gist.”