Managing the fresh flower supply chain from global growers to UK retailers


Intergreen Global end-to-end supply chain

Intergreen, is a supplier of cut flowers and houseplants to European supermarkets and other major retailers.

Gist's team have worked to maximise supply chain efficiency through a thorough review of the operation from field to factory.

The team has focused on maximising the efficiency in this supply chain.

The supply chain now benefits from:

  • Reduced freight costs and economies of scale
  • Strict monitoring and controls on temperature
  • Tight requirements for carriers to ensure continuity and reliability
  • Reduction in waste
  • Introduction of tight controls on documentation and local procedures
  • Rapid and flexible clearance and delivery connections from UK arrival to final destination
  • Consolidation of deliveries from multiple airports

By reviewing and introducing a range of improvements throughout the supply chain, Gist has improved product availability, providing a more robust service and reliable product quality. The speed in which fresh flowers arrive in theUKfrom the South American growers has also dramatically improved, reducing travel time by up to 24 hours.


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