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Gist's large fleet of temperature controlled vehicles provides day one for day two delivery capability to all UK major food retailers across Europe.

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TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED LOGISTICS 650,000ft² warehouse space and access to Gist's UK-wide network

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Today's temperature-controlled supply chains need to balance shorter lead times, more frequent deliveries and higher product handling standards and volumes.

Retailers need to be confident that their supply chain is in safe hands and has the flexibility to change with their needs, while at the same time maximising product shelf-life, minimising waste and ensuring that their stores remain stocked with fresh products in pristine condition.

Manufacturers require flexible, high integrity cold chain solutions that enable them to meet increasingly challenging retail demand in an efficient way.

Transform your supply chain with Gist's Temperature Controlled Logistics network

Our customers can be confident that their supply chain is in safe hands and has the flexibility to change with their needs.

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Gist's operational global network consists of:

  • More than 25 sites across the UK, mainland Europe and the USA
  • over 650,000 sq² of chilled and ambient warehouse space
  • More than 2,500 vehicles
  • global partnerships for air, land and sea freight management.

Through our network and dedicated agents, we facilitate optimum logistics solutions for products grown and produced around the world being shipped to major European ports where we manage:

  • customs clearance and documentation
  • container collection using our own vehicle fleet
  • sending products to Gist facilities to store, pack and re-label any horticultural of fresh produce for further onward distribution throughout Europe in just 24-36 hours.

Across our network, we offer our customers specialist supply chain services that include:

  • transportation and warehousing of chilled supply chains
  • detailed and ongoing temperature monitoring
  • factory clearance services
  • end-to-end order tracking
  • electronic POD
  • tracking back to corporate order systems
  • integration with our European network

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These delicate products require careful handling and a strict temperature-controlled environment to maintain product quality and ensure maximum shelf life.

We deliver on a daily basis to European retail outlets and ensure products are carefully handled to reach the customer in peak condition.

Our network of European distribution hubs in the UK (Kent), The Netherlands (Bleiswijk), and France (Paris) ensure your product is constantly moving and reaches its destination safely, quickly, and in optimum condition.

We provide:

  • one point of contact for all services
  • quality and time monitoring through our tracking systems
  • quality control on arrival
  • chilled facilities for long and short-term storage for horticulture and chilled products
  • pick and pack facilities for last minute customer requests
  • distribution through our own temperature controlled fleet, at a temperature range from 0-15 degrees
  • direct control over all aspects of your supply chain.
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