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Gist provides expertise to handle difficult and unusual supply chains, including hazardous products, safely and efficiently.

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GLOBAL FREIGHT MANAGEMENT A global control tower and centre of excellence bringing technology and freight professionals together

Through its global control tower and centre of excellence, Gist brings technology and freight professionals together. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to provide customers with the best end-to-end managed supply chain for the movement of chilled, perishable, ambient and hazardous products by air, sea and land, safely and efficiently.

Global Freight

Our understanding of each customers' needs enables us to deliver flexible resources while streamlining communication. We provide your business with a single point of contact and accountability by consolidating all of your operations. 

At Gist, we source solutions to complex, global supply chains through its innovative design. Our customers can be confident they receive the best end to end managed supply chain for the time-demanding, temperature-sensitive movement of perishable and industrial products by air, sea and land.

Gist offers transparency, communicating between suppliers and providers to best serve customers. We continuously review supply chains, providing around-the-clock flexibility and visibility, from the start of the purchase order to end delivery payment. We create new solutions, save time, change purchasing terms, reduce freight cost and stock levels and shrink the number of service providers. 

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Our central team provide constant monitoring and management of every consignment using partners in growing regions around the world and provide tailored handling of time sensitive and perishable products.

Our operational approach is based on partnership and continual improvement. As your business evolves, we take pride in thinking laterally in order to offer you new solutions and improvements to meet your changing needs.

The combination of Gist's people, technology and innovation in end-to-end global supply chain management means you benefit from reduced costs, increased speed, reduced waste and added value.

Global Expertise

  • single door-to-door solution for your supply chain
  • one supplier streamlines communication, delivers efficiencies
  • single point of contact and accountability
  • complete supply chain design and management 
  • Our capabilities

    Our capabilities 

    • 3PL and 4PL partner managed solutions
    • On the ground personnel
    • Consolidated operations/shipments
    • Event management
    • Export/import processing
    • Customs/duty management
    • Freight negotiation
    • Upstream processing centres
    • Supplier product/process performance compliance management
    • Supplier selection & management
    • Transaction/freight administration
    • Port to destination delivery
    • Strategic & tactical MIS
  • The benefits

    The benefits


    • Rapid deployment
    • Single point of contact
    • Scaleable & flexible to meet changing needs
    • Single point of accountability
    • Ability to flex with seasonality
    • Reduced order lead time


    • Low capital outlay
    • Reduced investment in admin and back-office
    • Reduced order lead time
    • Improved buying through consolidation of customers
    • Reduced capital employed
    • Shared cost of partner selection & management


    • Access to multi-sector experience
    • Increased supplier compliance
    • Partner selection criteria in-line with business
    • Single point of accountability


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