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At Gist, we understand the importance of consistent high-quality service delivery.

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CONTRACT LOGISTICS A strategic network of high-spec distribution centres, chilled warehousing and specialist vehicles.

In the retail landscape, change is a constant; from growing product ranges that satisfy and excite ever more demanding consumers, to moving to the convenience format and the continued growth of the discounters.

As never before, retailers require an agile logistics platform to ensure that the customer promise is met cost-effectively. Since we implemented the first centralised chilled distribution network in the UK 50 years ago, Gist supply chains have been evolving and changing to meet these needs every day.

This means our customers can be confident that we understand the importance of consistent, high-quality service delivery. Our centralised national transport planning team provide integrated transport solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings for your business.

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Our customers have requirements specific to their business, and our teams make the most of their specialist warehousing knowledge to:

  • locate or build dedicated sites
  • extract the most from existing infrastructure
  • design and optimise the network operation
  • manage stockholding and value-added services
  • design systems for managing orders
  • provide detailed stock visibility
  • enable end-to-end product traceability
  • implement warehouse technologies including RFID, voice-picking and mechanised sorting equipment.

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Through technology, winning people and a relentless focus on safety, our fleet of vehicles deliver our customers with a service that meets and exceeds environmental requirements, performance and service expectations with an industry-leading safety record.

Our focus on vehicle design and route optimisation, alongside our award-winning driver safety and training programmes, means our customers' supply chains are aligned with their business and environmental objectives. 

We offer our customers:

  • dedicated or shared user fleets
  • bespoke driver interaction with deliveries into retail units, overnight unattended deliveries and shelf retailing
  • vehicle scheduling that optimises transport efficiency and complies to exceptionally tight scheduling restrictions
  • waste collection and processing solutions.

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Our team of experts are skilled in creating optimised supply chains that make the most out of existing assets and resources, whilst meeting current and future business requirements.

Optimising vehicle routes, warehouse locations and supply chain systems ensures your business gains the maximum value from your logistics operations. 

Gist's team of supply chain experts:

  • help optimise stock levels
  • locate the best operating locations
  • make innovative use of industry tools
  • use advanced transport scheduling tools to assess tactical and strategic changes to your transport network
  • use network strategy tools to test a range of supply chain structures
  • utilise warehouse design tools to evaluate the performance of existing operations and compare with potential improvements.
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