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Gist DXS - optimising transport planning for distribution to supermarket retailers


Case Study GistDXS - optimising supply chain efficiency

Gist won the Supply Chain Technology award at the Retail Week Supply Chain Awards 2011 for this unique, custom-built transport scheduling package.

GistDXS is a step change in supply chain technology, automating the complex manual decisions traditionally made by planners.  The software schedules in live-time, conservatively assessing more than a billion combinations of vehicle, capacity and timeline constraints every day, and can confidently be claimed to have been "solving the unsolvable" 24 hours a day since its introduction. 

Gist's primary business (deliveries from suppliers to retailer consolidation depots) delivers chill and ambient product into the regional distribution centres of many of the most prominent retailers in the country.

Gist's UK primary business:

  • operates >5,000 vehicle movements per week for retailers across the grocery sector
  • moves >£4bn of stock, £2bn of which has less than 3 days shelf life
  • is made up of a network of more than 200 collection points and more than 60 delivery points.

As a conservative estimate, the software assesses more than a billion combinations of vehicle, capacity and timeline constraints every day in live time.

For Gist's UK Primary network, on any given day there is the prospect of assessing over 2 trillion routing combinations. 

The software can make live choices that are not immediately apparent to a planner, and these "optimal" choices create better utilisation across the network, optimise vehicle fill and reduce food miles.

This allows Gist, and therefore also our customers, to reduce cost and carbon footprint whilst improving services. 

Gist has a history of developing, deploying and upgrading warehouse management systems and transport systems through an in-house integration team to ensure our customers' supply chains operate as efficiently as possible.

This ensures that the systems used offer our customers the best value and functionality, and are customised to their individual operations. The development of this world class, step change technological solution builds on Gist's history of innovation.

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