The benefits of joining us…

Whatever is most important to you, we have a wide range of benefits that can make your working life that little bit sweeter! 

Being part of Gist

At Gist, we pride ourselves on being a united team, who share the same goals and values and we have built our culture around this way of thinking. 

It is our aim, that everyone who works for Gist feels valued, appreciated and can see how the work they do fits into the 'bigger picture'.  

Throughout Gist, our critical performance requirements (CPRs) are more than just a way in which we evaluate our people's performance; they're a reflection of the culture that we are working towards every day as an organisation. 

All of our job descriptions are written with them in mind, our interview packs test for them and our key performance indicators are based around them. They are: 

  • Personal effectiveness 
  • Drive
  • Leading and energising
  • Focus on the critical
  • Delivering results
  • Living the values 

Our CPRs outline that we're looking for every one of our employees to take personal responsibility for their performance, constantly challenge the norm to enhance and improve performance and do all of this with the right behaviours and motivated attitude. 

We put a key emphasis on involvement at Gist and we have a dedicated program which aims to ensure that everyone who works with us has a way in which they can suggest ideas for improvement and get involved with projects/implementations where appropriate. 

It is our hope, that by allowing our people to take on new challenges as and when they arise, that they will show potential in areas they may not have previously taken on and develop new skills that will help them in the future. 

We also pay particular attention in the way in which we communicate as a company. from our intranet and emails, right through to group meetings and briefing sessions, we recognise just how important it is to keep everyone informed. 

Importantly, we make sure that our managerial teams are visible and approachable - right from the very top. Regular visits from management teams means everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and understands how their role influences the success of the business.

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