Key roles Operational Management

The depot environment is a busy one, so it's important that our management teams give regular, clear instructions and objectives to their teams.

To support and manage our teams properly, we have a tiered management system within the depots. Below are some examples of the kinds of roles that you will find within our management structure, although there are plenty of others too. 

Overseeing our extensive operations

First line managers / shift managers

Our first line managers (FLMs) are responsible for the day-to-day management of our warehouse operatives and drivers, as well as the depot itself. 

Our FLMs need to work well with people - they brief their teams at the start of every shift so everyone understands the objectives for the day, and make sure the team are well-equpped for their roles and maintain a continual focus on safety.

It is important that our FLMs are visible members of the team, who aren't shy of getting involved and lending a helping hand when required. We also encourage them to empower their workforce, by allowing them to take on other tasks where it is appropriate to build their confidence and skills sets for the future. 

Customer Service Managers

It is the responsibility of our customer service managers (CSMs) to make sure that they build a strong relationship with our customers. It's important that we make sure we fully understand the customer's expectations and exceed them in order to retain their valued business. 

Whether it be over the phone, through store visits or the customer coming in to the depot itself, CSMs need to keep an open dialogue at all times and build great rapport. They also need to consistently maintain up to date management information to make sure they can re-assure our customers that we are on track. 

Warehouse Manager / Logistics Manager

Our warehouse managers take overall responsibility for the running of the depot, ensuring that our productivity is in line with our targets and that our workforce are performing at the optimum level. They will hold regular catch ups with first line management and operational management to make sure they performing efficiently and can resolve any issues that may arise. They are responsible for everyone who works within that environment too, so health and safety is a key focus of the role. 

Logistics managers focus on the driver and logistical side of the operation, ensuring that our deliveries are on time and arrive in perfect condition. Like warehouse managers, they hold regular catch ups with first line management and operational management to monitor operational performance. 

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