Key roles Drivers and warehouse operatives

Our drivers

A driver at our Motherwell site

It's a common misconception that drivers, well, drive! That is of course true, but they do so much more than that. At Gist, we specialise in time critical products such as fresh produce, frozen foods and flowers, so we rely on our drivers to get from A to B both safely and on time.

On top of that, it's not unusual for our drivers to lend a hand with the loading and unloading at our suppliers and customers. They therefore need to be the right people to represent us - with a great attitude towards top notch customer service. 

Safety is something that is of critical importance to us, so we make sure our drivers take regular breaks and hold the appropriate driving qualifications so we don't put them or anyone else in danger. 

Warehouse operatives

Voice Picking in Enfield

Our warehouses are busy and fast-paced environments that are filled to the brim with products that come in and are then turned around to go back out again. This relies on a dedicated team of warehouse operatives that are communicating and working closely together.

They work in day and night shifts, bank holidays and weekends to make this happen. 

The majority of our depots are picking operations. This means that large amounts of product arrives from a supplier and then needs to be divided into smaller quantities for distribution to our customers. Our operatives are well-trained in using our warehouse technologies, safety procedures and other areas so our customers receive the right products, on time, and in perfect condition.

As we deal in chilled and frozen products, our warehouses are often temperature controlled and we provide our operatives with fleeces, gloves and other protective clothing.

How to apply to work with us

Our drivers and warehouse operatives are hired by our on-site HR teams.

If you're interested in finding out more about these roles or applying for a vacancy, contact the HR team at your local depot.

You can find all our operations sites in the contact section of this site.

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