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Gist Child Road Safety Programme

Our drivers visit schools across the country to teach children about safety around large vehicles

Our award winning FREE-OF-CHARGE programme was established to reduce  and prevent the needless deaths of young people on the roads. Since 2011, our programme has been taken into schools within our local communities all across the UK and has been delivered to over 70,000 children.

Presented by our drivers, Gist’s Child Road Safety Programme teaches children about the specific issues of safety around large vehicles.

Child Road Safety 

The presentation

A lorry is taken into schools by two of our presenters to deliver our road safety message. The presentation is in two sections and takes about 60 minutes in total. In the school grounds, the lorry is used to give children a practical demonstration of stopping distances and driver ‘blind spots’. The children are given an opportunity to explore inside the cab of the vehicle and get to see first hand the view from the driver’s seat.

This is then followed by an interactive indoor presentation that includes a session on general road safety to support school curriculum requirements with regards to PSHE and citizenship, as well as providing clear advice on how children can stay safe on the roads as pedestrians and cyclists.

The Gist programme is now recommended by Brake, the UK's largest road safety charity!

Child Road Safety - talking

Book your visit

Our programme is available to primary and junior schools as well as large events for children and their families in the local communities surrounding our sites in:

  • Barnsley
  • Bellshill
  • Bristol
  • Carlisle
  • Crewe
  • Cumbernauld
  • Enfield
  • Faversham
  • Hemel Hempstead
  • Spalding
  • Thatcham

If your school or event is within approximately a 20-mile radius of one of our participating sites, we’d love to hear from you. 

Click here to book your FREE OF CHARGE presentation!

A member of our Child Road Safety team will contact you to discuss a suitable date for the presentation and to arrange a pre-visit where they will conduct a risk assessment and assess vehicle access.

 Child Road Safety - outside cab 

Lasting message

We leave a set of children’s size hi-viz vests at every school we visit for use on trips and days out. The children also receive a reflective sticker each, which they can put on their bags and lunch boxes to make them more visible and keep them safe.


We will also leave you with a Classroom Pack containing some activity sheets for you to use with your class after our visit. Included in the Classroom Pack is a feedback form so that you can share your views and suggestions with us.

Child Road Safety - cab

Feedback from schools

‘The indoor session was very child friendly and keen to get involved. They found the outdoor session really exciting and loved participating in the activities.’

Key Stage 2 Teacher

'The children learned a lot about road safety and all agreed they would take extra care near lorries in the future. They enjoyed the experience very much and I’m sure will remember it. Thank you! Also great to have the people who actually drive the lorries doing the presentation!’

Key Stage 2 Teacher

‘The presentation was delivered very professionally and has given the children greater awareness of road safety issues. The presenters were great! Thanks very much!’

Year 5 Teacher

‘I think that the whole afternoon brought home the potential dangers of trucks and pedestrians on the road; particularly as the children were able to compare themselves to the height and size of the truck in real life. I can thoroughly endorse this scheme for any really age group – primary or secondary – and am glad that I took up another local teacher’s recommendation to book you.’

Year 1 Teacher, Primary School  



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